A new way to drink your coffee. Every cup of coffee you drink you are helping us work towards ending child sexual abuse. We provide some of the best quality coffee for you roasted at our headquarters. How do we do this?  The result of this organic inspiration is Childhood Fractured’s new headquarters. We have converted what was once a coffee shop into our office space. It will function in variety of community centered ways. The loyal lovers of gourmet coffee, whom Jeff has served for over 10 years, will still be able to get their coffee by way of our donorship program at our space. It will also serve as a community center for a variety of art related activities, coffee roasting classes, and many educational workshops. And above all, it will serve as the hub for Childhood Fractured. This will be the space that all of our team members will be working, growing, and discerning the best strategies to prevent the sexual abuse and

exploitation of children


Monthly Donation Program Coffee as a tax write off what?


$85 a Month – This will allow you to stop in and help yourself to coffee and enjoy the environment we are



$100 a Month – We will give you four bags of coffee every a month. an extra $20 for shipping and we will mail it to you.


$150 a Month – You will have free coffee at the coffee house, and a bag of coffee every week. an extra $20 for shipping and we will mail the bags of coffee to you.


$300 a Month - All classes at the coffee house will be free, and you will be able to utilize the space for any private events. Plus we will provide all your coffee needs.

Never ending cup of coffee, at Childhood Fractured Headquarters