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     Childhood Fractured: A Live Narrative is a novel book accentuating the artistically collaborative renditions of childhood sexual abuse explored from the male perspective made manifest by writer, Derek Hopkins, and contemporary multimedia artist, Allen Vandever. Hopkins and Vandever, over a six-month period and in front of a live audience, did a series of 7 paintings paired with narratives exploring Vandever’s traumatic childhood sexual abuse. The intent and focus of the art and the book is raise awareness and prevent childhood sexual abuse.

     Much of the proceeds of this book will go to Vandever and Hopkin’s humanities based human rights initiative; Childhood Fractured which aims to raise awareness and prevent childhood sexual abuse through contemporary art. The funds acquired through purchasing their Childhood Fractured: A Live Narrative book will afford them resources necessary to start a not-profit. Swift and decisive action is necessary if we are wanting to end the child sexual abuse. 

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Childhood Fractured A Live Narrative

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