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We are more than a Coffee Roastery. We are a non-profit working towards ending child sexual abuse, and all other forms of child abuse. We are fighting for children’s rights through, but not limited to, the proceeds from our coffee sales.
  • You could eliminate your coffee budget and help fund our primary mission, while leveraging our cause to your current and future business relations
  • We can give you great coffee and a way to help the community at the same time
  • We can put your company or restaurants Logo/Name/Etc. on the bags of coffee that you can sell to your current customers base (or supply your employees)
  • You can work with our in-house artist to design a special label just for your company
  • We can put your logo and info on the bags of coffee sold by us showing your support as sponsorship.
  • For orders of over 100 pound per month you can chose the region of the world that your coffee comes and we will roast it (prices may vary)
  • Volunteer opportunities for your employs. We can facilitate team building exercises to learn how to roast and how to make the perfect cup of coffee
The secret to good coffee is fresh coffee. We roast coffee fresh for your business. It never sits in a warehouse; it goes straight from our roaster to you.
There are two ways this can work:
  1. You can purchase coffee by the pound
  2. You can make a monthly donation that is tax deductible and we can supply you with the coffee you need


  • One 12oz Bag: $20
  • 5 Pound Bags: $75
  • If you buy in bulk/wholesale, price are negotiable
  • We can make labels and bags specifically for your company or restaurant
  • We do ask, bulk purchasers have a part of our fundraising efforts or awareness campaign in support of our mission


We Have a Donor-Sponsorship Program where we give you coffee, eliminating your coffee budget.
  • For donors, we supply your office or business with coffee at no charge. We are a 501(c)(3) so this donation is tax deductible
  • For large donors, we have separate program where we will provide a special offer, contact us for details


Child sexual abuse is an epidemic. More than 33% of the population has been sexually abused. This is a large number of people. This is our potential audience. They are also people your organization can reach in helping facilitate this project. Here is what will happen.
  • Your brand gets exposure
  • You will be able to market your services to this audience at our events
  • Build Your Reputation: Our audience will see your company as a forerunner in the international fight against the sexual abuse epidemic. This will give you unprecedented, positive, and real leverage in regards to your company’s public relations.
  • Help Change Lives: You will be helping us add our constructive, critical, and positive perspective into this social dialogue around sexual abuse. It is the most human feeling to have another person open up to you about what they have been through. Our project is helping change peoples lives for the better.
  • Your company logo can be all over our merchandise including banners at every event with the sponsor’s logo--we would hand-out your companies flyers and swag, etc.
  • Naming rights to event
  • Featured on our webpage and social media, logo on swag, promoted on social media daily
  • We will give your company exposure on all nationally syndicated interviews we do.
  • Every person we reach and connect with will know that you supported us. As such, they will be more inclined to support you.
  • You can leverage your sponsorship of us on all media campaigns that you choose to run. Never has there been a more advantageous media campaign for your company
  • We are more than willing to come into your stores or place that care your product across the country along our path to stop by and hold pop-up events. This is a great way to show your employees across the country how great of a company they work for
  • Every store we stop at could do a fundraiser and we could give an award to the deal-ership that raises the most money. We can do an in-house project where we take pictures and interact with all your employees and put together a video/photo project showing how we and your employees all got together to create great memories all in support of ending child sexual abuse!
  • Company Representative can give speeches at events
  • Banners and booths at all events *unless venue has restrictions (premium booth locations at events)--Step-and-repeat banner logo
  • Name in book at the end and a signed copy of the book
  • Participation in community fundraiser
  • Speak at company retreat
  • Your logo on good cause Coffee Bags​
  • ETC! We are open to ideas!

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